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I thought I will post an update , test drove a Macan S over the weekend and it is amazing.

Both dealers in Alberta have made it clear that they are not willing to move on the price of the GTS unless I am going to pick one from the lot. I know that will not be the case because I want it to be configured the way I want. Based on the allocation that is available to the dealers it looks like if I place an order now I will get my vehicle around October.

All the good news ends there :(
When I initially discussed the options with the dealer in town I was told that my trade in (2014 BMW 335 GT M Sport fully loaded with 66K) will be around 30k to 35k. I thought that was little bit on the lower side but I was optimistic that I will be able to get a slightly better trade in than what they quoted. Yesterday I was told that the trade in value for my car from the dealer will be 30k. - I think they are really trying to low ball me.
What you guys think?
Welcome to my world Stig. Re your trade in, we all pay the price when trading one brand for another. Re your discount in Canada, good luck. I was very fortunate with Porsche Centre Oakville but I was an exception to the rule and very grateful but my Macan was heavily optioned which helped during my negotiations. Good luck finding the "right" GTS, you'll no doubt end up ordering as most here have done but the wait is quite a PITA as my 9 months will attest lol. On a happy note, mine's finally here and will be picked up in a week or so. Best of luck!!
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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