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Plus the calipers nicely match your brake light strip, which you can do nothing about. ;)
Oh, I stand corrected. Just noticed changing the tint of the brake light strip is a $1,500 option in the configurator in Japan.
Changing the color of the calipers is only available by switching to PSCB which is another $4,500 on top around here. :eek:

If it saves me $6,000, I'll gladly do some mental gymnastics to convince myself that orange and red do go well together!

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2018 Macan
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Months of waiting… so worth it! Picking it up tomorrow :love:
Order placed 12/13/21 so arriving just under 4 months. Build code PNQCEV31
Thank you everyone for the priceless input and recommendations! It’s for the Mrs. so Papaya was the way to go. :)
I do like the Vesuvius grey rims, but they are much lighter in person than the configuration leads you to believe.

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Next getting full front-end PPF wrapped (local 3M installer, highly recommend), then full ceramic exterior coat, plus matching tint for front two windows. $3k for everything Other vendors were quoting between $3-4.5k for just PPF, or $5500-6500 for full wrap. :unsure: Maybe if we get sick of the orange….
Also going to check into some kind of protection for the inside dash and center console… I know that glossy black is just begging to get scratched by our doxie.

Undecided on the red brake calipers… Porsche left red on their promo videos, but hard to know yet if it’ll bug us or not.

Sweet ride, the red calipers look good, but if it bugs you Glossy black w white logo would look nice, or even color match the vehicle. Next time I rotate tires I’m going to paint the inner part of the rotors glossy black

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Bet you will love the '22 S if you already don't.

The ACC is a winner in my experience - when you just want to cruise along and chill.

Then put her in Sport and tear up some asphalt when the mood strikes. Win, win.

Happy motoring in that blue tiger.

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I was coming out of the supermarket yesterday and saw my Macan and it just looked awesome with the lighting conditions… I had to grab a photo…
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Love how my Macan have evolved with all mods I made throughout the years… 7.5 years of ownership and 112K miles, all driven by me…. Aging well!
I had to re-post a new photo in the same place with my new 95B.2 Turbo Wheels…
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

Some additional photos…
Wheel Tire Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Car

Wheel Vehicle Tire Car Vehicle registration plate

Car Wheel Vehicle Plant Tire

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Window

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Would love to see a zoomed in pic so we can see the edges.
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