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Months of waiting… so worth it! Picking it up tomorrow :love:
Order placed 12/13/21 so arriving just under 4 months. Build code PNQCEV31
Thank you everyone for the priceless input and recommendations! It’s for the Mrs. so Papaya was the way to go. :)
I do like the Vesuvius grey rims, but they are much lighter in person than the configuration leads you to believe.

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Next getting full front-end PPF wrapped (local 3M installer, highly recommend), then full ceramic exterior coat, plus matching tint for front two windows. $3k for everything Other vendors were quoting between $3-4.5k for just PPF, or $5500-6500 for full wrap. :unsure: Maybe if we get sick of the orange….
Also going to check into some kind of protection for the inside dash and center console… I know that glossy black is just begging to get scratched by our doxie.

Undecided on the red brake calipers… Porsche left red on their promo videos, but hard to know yet if it’ll bug us or not.

I think I am going to apply glass/film to the nav and console buttons. If they'd thought this change through, a light sandblasting of these parts might make them more durable and less reflective.

Anyway, a bit of protection/anti-glare/smudge reduction is my goal.

Handsome car!

My car is coming with the Vesuvius wheel color, and you are quite right, it resembles the configurator photos only slightly.

The good news is I think I like it on these wheels a lot, and love it on your car. Hope it looks good with chalk. Enjoy springtime in your new car...

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For new haptic touch panel folks, the Xpel kit for the NAV screen and haptic console in Stealth film looks great, no glare, scratches, looks great. It leaves about 1mm of the shiny panel around the edges that sort of frames things. Touch works great…and I got it installed before I had any scratches.

They have other films, Stealth is the matte finish.

It makes it look great. The NAV/touch console film looks great, no reflections, zero smudges. Their interior kit for the new Macan really is the way to go, and doesn’t reveal dust much either.

You can buy just the NAV haptic screen separately or as a full interior kit, but they are not separate product numbers, you have to call to buy just these. The whole kit covers the dash and door panels, too.

Now I have a few days to let the ceramic coating cure, and I am rolling.

Pray for peace.
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