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Culled from the forum and elsewhere, are a few practical things. Caveat emptor. YMMV

  • $7.60 Lisle 17232 right angle funnel.
Having problems getting washer fluid in the tank? I've seen this work.

  • $12.00 Nextzett Anti-Frost Windshield Washer Fluid Concentrate

AFAIK, this is the proper winter windshield washer fluid for Porsches. It sells out quickly as they seem to make it in batches.
  • $220.55 3 PowerFlare Soft Pack

Not Porsche specific but its the real deal, not junk. Roadflares are so 1965. These things are about indestructable. Lithium batteries have a 10 year shelf life. Comes in many colors but red light for the USA.

  • ~$49 Porsche Warning Triangle Part 8K0-860-251
This goes in the empty hole under the rear hatch. Any Porsche Dealer should be able to order it or get it online, for example:

  • $23.00 Sunex 2842 1/2 Drive Metric Thin Wall Socket.
Macan is 19mm.

  • $26.74 Gorilla 1721 Telescoping Wrench

Use the protected sockets with it. Breaker bar would be better but might not fit in the car under floor.
  • $34.95 Macan 2014+ Aluminum Jack Pad
Discussed many times in the forum. Search for it.

  • $24.99 Genuine Porsche oil Travel Bag.

Mobil 1 has a 5 year shelf life. Throw a bottle in and forget about it. Just throw the oil bottle in the trunk and don't worry about it? Why use a pouch? You might regret that ;)

  • ~$165.00 Halguard Fire Extinguisher

Sure, you can buy a cheap extinguisher from Walmart and throw it in the car. But, you might regret it if you have to actually clean up the mess afterwards. I don't think Halon is permitted anymore. These are Halguard,. From the SDS

"Halotron I is a clean fire-extinguishing agent for streaming and local applications. ...Halotron I is a safe, effective, environmentally acceptable clean agent. ... It is a proprietary three component chemical blend based on HCFC-123 that has been found acceptable by the U.S. EPA under its Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program (referred to as “HCFC Blend B”) for all non-residential use (including commercial/industrial, military, and maritime use) in streaming applications as a substitute for halon 1211 (bromochlorodifluoromethane or "BCF")."

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I had a Macan loaner when I took my Cayenne in for service a little while ago. The car was a base models with almost no options - but it had the "aluminum" gas cap! Looked pretty cool and I was tempted to add it - until I saw the price. LOL

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For the price you should have a real aluminum cap.

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Here's a 'must have' for all you enthusiasts...

(see your local Porsche dealer)

It's for a set of four (4) - what a deal!!! :p

Roughly $245 per mat. I'd kind of hate to get them salty/muddy/soiled... :cry:

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