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What did you receive from PCNA after your purchase?

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Hello, I'm curious what I should be expecting from PCNA (not from dealer) post purchase via mail or email.

It has been more than a month since my delivery but I haven't received any including the survey, which makes me to think, I needed to register my Macan with PCNA?
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Got a pen and book. Took 6 weeks or so.
Book and Engraved Paper Weight with my name, model and VIN.
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Pen and a book. Thing is, they send it express mail. Mine was forwarded and I had to pay another $11 express mail charge to get it. Pen is worth maybe 59 cents, the book maybe $1.22. And the book was not very interesting. I knew the package was from Porsche before I paid, but I figured that they would certainly send something worth more than the $11 charge. Wrong!
I guess I'll wait a bit. How about the survey? Asked via email?
The most important thing I got was to be added to the Christophorus distribution.
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I'm hoping for one of those bikes.
From the Vancouver, BC dealership in Canada, received one all-weather cargo tray, 4 ceramic coffee mugs/cups, a black baseball cap, a white baseball cap. I think everyone gets those book and pen...
I bought my Macan S from Porsche Victoria in BC, Canada and I'm still waiting for anything from PCNA and I took possession in early February, now it's June!
Can we get the brake-disc keyring? That's really cool!
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With my Macan S I rec'd a cool book, Petro Canada gas card and a paper weight.

With my GTS I rec'd a letter yesterday! Whoo hoo! I am SURE they are putting together a BIG package for me...

Not exactly from PCNA but I got a direct billing into my bank account for the first of 60 months financing on my Macan. :)
I got a Certificate of Authenticity
I got a brand new Macan GTS right after I paid... ;)
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Cert. of Authenticity. Took a couple of months.
I just received the pen with book and the COA. I received the Macan June 6th.
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