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Hi! Asking for suggestions and help here, the situation is a bit frustrating.

I have a '15 Macan S that was bought new in June 2014 and has ~63K joyful miles on it. All scheduled maintenance was done at dealership. Had a minor rear-end accident when it bumped into another vehicle and luckily no one was hurt. The car was very much drivable without any issues and the damages were cosmetic. (images attached) I drove the car for a few hundred miles before taking it to the bodyshop, when things started going on the wrong track.

There was quite some delay in the process because Porsche did not ship the parts in time and I was approaching the limit of 30 days for car rental reimbursement. The bodyshop was nice to cover the gap so I had no complaints. I was told to pick the car up after it spending 32 days in the bodyshop. But right before I could drive it away, the body shop told me that they noticed the "check engine" light and wanted to make sure that the car has no problem before giving it back to me. They tried clearing the error code without avail. The car was took to a Porsche dealer and I received words from the bodyshop that the valve body needs replacing and the dealer quoted $4800+ for the repair because the car is out of warranty. Here is what all the parties are saying, after me making some calls around:

  • Bodyshop: your car had no problem when it came in, we don't know why the valve body needs replacing
  • Insurance: we will look at the issue, if it is caused by the accident, we will cover the cost
  • Porsche dealer: there is no exterior damage to the valve body and we cannot take it apart to inspect, and we will inform the insurance company that there is no proof that the accident caused the problem, but the insurance have the final verdict (quoting directly "if they want to pay for the repair they will determine that it was caused by the accident"). Your car is so out of warranty that we cannot offer any help.
  • Me: I am astonished by the price of this repair, and cannot understand how this could suddenly pop up (the car had zero issue or warning light before the accident, and I also drove it for a few hundred miles without noticing any warning light)

My questions:
  1. could the accident have led to the valve body problem?
  2. if insurance concludes that the accident did not cause the problem, would I get any help from Porsche for the repair? I noticed people may get "goodwill" offers, my car is out of warranty for 15 months and 13K miles :-( I don't expect the car to last forever but breaking down so soon out of warranty really sucks.

BTW, the charge for the repair is absurd. I noticed people have similar issues mentioning much cheaper prices ($1500 and CAD4000 respectively in 2 threads on this forum, sorry cannot post links)

Thanks for reading and appreciate your help!

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....Asking for suggestions and help here.....
I don't see how the accident is related to the valve body problem, unless perhaps there was damage to the transmission oil cooler....or the cooler wasn't receiving sufficient air flow following the accident.

Regardless, I would contact Porsche NA and open a complaint ticket with them. I think there's a reasonable possibility of some good will.

Failures of the mechatronic valve body have been reported by others here. Below are some links to earlier threads where various members have reported having their transmission valve body replaced. You might count all the OP reports and "me too" responses in these threads and throw that number out there if you continue to get push-back.

Best of luck getting it sorted. Keep us posted.







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Richard at German Car Depot in Hollywood FL told me that if we ever have PDK issues with either of our Macans they have the tools and experience to do any required repairs including a full rebuild (which he said is very rarely needed as these transmissions will normally last the life of the car if the fluid is changed as prescribed by Porsche), and there is no need to go to the dealer.

He said the Macan PDK is actually an Audi transmission (he mentioned you will see the 4 rings right on the transmission case), so there are plenty of transmission shops with the expertise needed, and that anyone who lives in a major metro area should have little trouble finding an independent shop with full expertise on these.

So there's no need to pay the wild dealer prices! Obviously if PCNA will cover it that's preferable, but at least you know you have alternatives if you need them.
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