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Tracking the Delivery of your baby

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If your car has to cross an ocean to get to you, I believe this is a way to track delivery (taken from the pieces I could put together). It should work for US and Canada. Not sure what the Australian lines are.

Once your spec is firm, your dealer should give you a car build schedule. Find the date of the German exit from their port, probably Emden. You probably want to get an updated schedule as the date gets closer. Schedules can change and what you have in January could be different in a couple of months.

Go here. On the right side select your trade route (e.g., USA).

For USA and, I think, Canada, select VW Logistics

A PDF schedule will come up. Ask your dealer for the boat name. Look at the schedule column for the date that boat leaves the dock. For example, today it looks like the Gracious Ace leaves Emden 1/30 and docks in Halifax Canada and then RI. US west coast cars might go to Houston.

Go here. While the ship is near land, you can track it. Not sure how to track it in the open ocean because it uses a different system. There are also apps for smart phones that can track it.

Once the ship is back near land, you can track it until it docks.

Once PDI is done, you can start looking at all the car haulers on the road near you and hope you car is on one of them :)

I hope this helps somebody interested in tracking delivery of their car (which is different from tracking their car ;).

You can also just google this and find lots of entries where people tracked their delivery.

edit: 21 Nov 2022. my.porsche.com might be able to allow some form of tracking
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This is great information and I will use this, thanks! What else I got from my salesman (Northern VA) is that the ship entry point will be Davisville, RI (near the old naval base Quonset Point where two aircraft carriers were once homeported). Apparently, VW or Porsche determined that Baltimore ship services was overburdened from that original port.
Yup. Here is the press release. It might be tied into VW bought Porsche.
It's now February. At least for North America, the shipping schedule has changed. Based upon the current schedule, one day in the next 45 days, I expect the schedule will show the RI, Halifax, and Houston dates that will correspond to whatever is on your tracking sheet for the mid-May launch vehicles.

How exciting is that!
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Anyone know the best way to track my order? Just got the VIN, apparently on the vessel.
read the first post.
@grim I wanted to thank you again for your post in #1 of this thread. I used the info to track my Macan back in late 2014 and I am now using that info to track my Spyder which exited production and was completed, V300, today 01-19-16. ... BTW- it was some of your comments on Macan Forum a few months ago regarding the Spyder that contributed to my decision to purchase a Spyder, a GT Silver with Classic interior. Thanks again, Grim.
Your welcome

And you ordered a Spyder! Very cool and in a classic color. Very, very cool :)

I am sure you will love it and now you have the best of both worlds I'm sure many people would be envious.

Hang onto that Spyder. Don't let it go. They are being built in tiny numbers and the only year/run of cars where a 3.8L is in the 981 cars. AND the end of the line. 10 - 20 years from now, especially since the body style is unique, I believe it might be worth more than the run of the mill Boxsters, because of both the low production numbers (caused by the MT and manual Ragtop) and the engine.

Congrats :)
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Grim (or anyone else) - your OP post is 4 years old - and seems to work - but is there a better link to use now (so I don't have to search thru 3300 posts)?

My Turbo/PP is "complete" V300, next stop EMDEN !!
Link is good
pick ur trade lane
looks like San Diego roro comes in May 22
pick VW export and the ships come up
Maritime traffic works too
Hello, does anyone here know what part of January the vessel Felicity Ace will drop Macans off for the new england dealers .

If you read the FIRST post, you'd know how to do this. SO one more time since its changed a bit

Pick US Gulf and VW. A PDF will download.

Emden to Houston? Looks like 3 weeks. Each ship is different
All Porsches leave from Emden, its not like there is another port of departure. The Emden thread had been merged with this stickied thread which exist exactly for tracking ships.

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