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Tracking the Delivery of your baby

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If your car has to cross an ocean to get to you, I believe this is a way to track delivery (taken from the pieces I could put together). It should work for US and Canada. Not sure what the Australian lines are.

Once your spec is firm, your dealer should give you a car build schedule. Find the date of the German exit from their port, probably Emden. You probably want to get an updated schedule as the date gets closer. Schedules can change and what you have in January could be different in a couple of months.

Go here. On the right side select your trade route (e.g., USA).

For USA and, I think, Canada, select VW Logistics

A PDF schedule will come up. Ask your dealer for the boat name. Look at the schedule column for the date that boat leaves the dock. For example, today it looks like the Gracious Ace leaves Emden 1/30 and docks in Halifax Canada and then RI. US west coast cars might go to Houston.

Go here. While the ship is near land, you can track it. Not sure how to track it in the open ocean because it uses a different system. There are also apps for smart phones that can track it.

Once the ship is back near land, you can track it until it docks.

Once PDI is done, you can start looking at all the car haulers on the road near you and hope you car is on one of them :)

I hope this helps somebody interested in tracking delivery of their car (which is different from tracking their car ;).

You can also just google this and find lots of entries where people tracked their delivery.

edit: 21 Nov 2022. my.porsche.com might be able to allow some form of tracking
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**** that's brutal! My SA said it will onboard a ship on 17th March. Website says 14th March (which was the original schedule). I don't like how my Macan is sitting in some German port and catching breeze while I wait here impatiently. :(
Dunno about you, but I was built on 16th Feb and have been waiting for a ship to arrive since then! Due on 16th March to head to Aus. That's a whole month since build complete sitting at the port doing sweet FA :(
@Tony123 You should check w/ your SA to see if its acutally on the boat (and the name of the boat). My porsche website/app said im waiting at port since Feb 22nd (and it still says that now) BUT Im actually on the Violet Ace and am in the middle of the Atlantic right now. The porsche website/app is not always 'up to date'. Hopefully you find a surprise from your SA.
Interesting! Thanks for the tip. My SA has been pretty good and rings me every fortnight even just to say "no update sorry, still waiting". I like the proactive contact and I certainly feel like I've spent a lot of money hahahaha. Australia has been having a port quarantine hold up of up to 2 weeks recently to unload cars. Finding bugs or whatever on ships is wreaking havoc on shipping unfortunately and I imagine the boats have been taking longer to rotate and get back.

Knowing that Porsche use Hoegh to ship to Australia, I looked on their shipping schedule from Bremerhaven to Melbourne over the next month and the HOegh Oslo arrives in Bremerhaven on the 15th. There isn't another boat until APril and I'm just assuming this is me :) Few more days and I'll know!

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How many cars are damaged in transit? My car was marked as 鈥渁rrived with the dealer鈥 in the tracking on May 2nd. I messaged SA on 4th to ask when ready. He said 鈥2-3 weeks, should have it by the end of the month鈥. No more details. No explanation. Aus delivery thread suggested it could be due to transit damage. I鈥檓 not aware of any missing bits like Bose.

Red flag either way whatever is happening. SA is cagey and should just be open with me. Would put my mind at ease at least knowing what鈥檚 happening and why.
Did you address that you were already informed that the car is already delivered to the dealership? Did your SA say "they should have it by the end of month?" That's deceptive ;
Correct on both fronts. Said to the dealer I can see tracking. He said end of month.
It seems they are busy from my further conversations with Porsche. Next week is the hope
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