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Tracking the Delivery of your baby

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If your car has to cross an ocean to get to you, I believe this is a way to track delivery (taken from the pieces I could put together). It should work for US and Canada. Not sure what the Australian lines are.

Once your spec is firm, your dealer should give you a car build schedule. Find the date of the German exit from their port, probably Emden. You probably want to get an updated schedule as the date gets closer. Schedules can change and what you have in January could be different in a couple of months.

Go here. On the right side select your trade route (e.g., USA).

For USA and, I think, Canada, select VW Logistics

A PDF schedule will come up. Ask your dealer for the boat name. Look at the schedule column for the date that boat leaves the dock. For example, today it looks like the Gracious Ace leaves Emden 1/30 and docks in Halifax Canada and then RI. US west coast cars might go to Houston.

Go here. While the ship is near land, you can track it. Not sure how to track it in the open ocean because it uses a different system. There are also apps for smart phones that can track it.

Once the ship is back near land, you can track it until it docks.

Once PDI is done, you can start looking at all the car haulers on the road near you and hope you car is on one of them :)

I hope this helps somebody interested in tracking delivery of their car (which is different from tracking their car ;).

You can also just google this and find lots of entries where people tracked their delivery.

edit: 21 Nov 2022. my.porsche.com might be able to allow some form of tracking
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The manufacturing and delivery process is super fast right now! My Macan order, which locked on 31st Jan, was set to deliver by April 21st. Currently it has already finished production and reached the German port awaiting shipping. The estimated delivery moved up to April 9th!

I thought the shipping itself is faster than a whole month, so that's where I would see better ETAs. Also does anybody have past experience as to how long does it take to ship from Germany to West Coast, specifically SF/Bay Area?
Our Macan left Emden on February 3rd, will arrive at Benecia Port (San Fran) tomorrow 3/3. Its on the Glovis Century.
Oh so it does take a whole month to ship to SF :(

Anyways keep us posted on your delivery, thanks!
Okay now my Macan shows it will get on a ship 2 weeks later although it's sitting at the German port since yday :\
So the process is really fast.. car built 16 jan.. moved to port 18th jan.. left port 24th jan.. reached halifax .. 5 feb.. from reached montreal 17 feb.. loads of storms.. reached ottawa 24th feb.. again 2 storms.. delivery march 9
Yikes, hopefully I don't see the same fate! 馃槄
LOL, mine has been in port awaiting shipping since Feb 22. Now, I dont know if the updates are delayed & havent been updated yet or if it truly is still waiting in fkn port since Feb 22. Ive emailed my SA today & asked for a screenshot from his end which should provide better clarity on this. I should have by end of day today.
**** that's brutal! My SA said it will onboard a ship on 17th March. Website says 14th March (which was the original schedule). I don't like how my Macan is sitting in some German port and catching breeze while I wait here impatiently. :(
My Macan finally left the port of Emden yesterday (per original schedule, although it was built on 2nd March). Anybody else on the same boat enroute California/Benicia? Wanted to know ship details. Will ask SA soon.
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Mine is on the Glovis Sunrise, headed to the west coast. It is a slow trudging wait as it crosses the Atlantic. Anyone else on this boat? Set to dock on 14th April.
My Macan T is on the Glovis Sunrise also. You can track it at Glovis Sunrise. Mine is going to Mill Valley. Which dealer is yours going to?
Yes! Mine is headed to Mill Valley as well. Guess I can see you for pickup haha.

How has your experience been with them so far? I am planning on bringing my own financing check and setting off without much fuss.

Just bought one that is inbound on the same boat. Current calculated ETA from MarrineTraffic shows it arriving tomorrow @ 1:24PM local time. Not sure when it will get unloaded, but it looks to be an week ahead of schedule vs. the 4/13 date in My Porsche.
That's docking to San Diego first tomorrow. It will take another week to sail to SF.
I've been working with Ethan. He has been good so far. Easy to work with through the ordering process.

Planning to look at any lease options compared to buying outright. Will decide that day.

See you on or around the 21st. What color is yours? I got Jet Black Metallic.
Oh nice I completed my sale with Ethan, but it was on behalf of Price, who鈥檚 been very good to work with. Although I had a quip with Ethan, he added some dealer extras worth 1.5k that I had to get removed.

Thanks for the info. I didn鈥檛 look at the complete schedule. Thought San Diego was its final stop, but see now it鈥檚 Benicia. Schedule shows it there on 4/10 currently.
4/10 to reach Benicia? That鈥檚 solid, will be a few days earlier than scheduled.
Ship docked a couple night ago at Benicia. Patiently waiting for my Macan to be transferred to the dealer, which is under an hour away! Hopefully the inspection process is quick.
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Yes, I hope so too! Only thing that can take long is inspection and PDI if anything is iffy. But seems like the port isn't as crowded as before so it should all happen quick. Would be insane if it's ready for pickup in under 1 week.
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@simpact @23MacanT My SA said the delivery scheduled is still 21 April, as that's when it gets released from port. Sounds a bit long though, and 21st was the original delivery date anyways. Any updates on your ends?
While it doesn't guarantee anything, a general google search of previous deliveries from Benicia to bay area dealers looked to average 5 days. Of course I only found a handful of examples though so it's hard to say. I haven't had any updates from my SA either but I think he was off yesterday and today.
Hear anything yet? Haha trying my best to keep calm. At this point my Macan has sat thrice as long at ports than at the factory.
Ah okay, hopefully it's before the weekend though! Cannot imagine the car sitting there over a week, just a few miles from the dealer. My TYD is 4/19 still.
It's here! My SA said he got the port exit notification and it'll be ready for pickup. I'm gonna go on Wednesday evening most likely.
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So It鈥榮 at the dealership already, or they just got the ready for transport notice?

Either way, it鈥檚 good to see these moving!
Yeah it should be at the dealership now. He got to know when it exit the port and was on the way.
I picked up my Macan yday! Yeah I asked my SA to prioritize my delivery, and the car was received by them on Monday. My TYD updated within a day of dealership receiving it.
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Congrats! My dealer is processing a bunch of deliveries so they are backed up a bit. Hoping to get mine this weekend sometime.

Hope you鈥檙e enjoying it!
Thanks, I am, it's beautiful! Yeah asked my dealer to rush pickup as early as possible haha.
Which dealership did you get it from? I think I need to check out their inventory 馃榿
Porsche Marin. They were amazing and quick to work with!
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