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Tracking the Delivery of your baby

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If your car has to cross an ocean to get to you, I believe this is a way to track delivery (taken from the pieces I could put together). It should work for US and Canada. Not sure what the Australian lines are.

Once your spec is firm, your dealer should give you a car build schedule. Find the date of the German exit from their port, probably Emden. You probably want to get an updated schedule as the date gets closer. Schedules can change and what you have in January could be different in a couple of months.

Go here. On the right side select your trade route (e.g., USA).

For USA and, I think, Canada, select VW Logistics

A PDF schedule will come up. Ask your dealer for the boat name. Look at the schedule column for the date that boat leaves the dock. For example, today it looks like the Gracious Ace leaves Emden 1/30 and docks in Halifax Canada and then RI. US west coast cars might go to Houston.

Go here. While the ship is near land, you can track it. Not sure how to track it in the open ocean because it uses a different system. There are also apps for smart phones that can track it.

Once the ship is back near land, you can track it until it docks.

Once PDI is done, you can start looking at all the car haulers on the road near you and hope you car is on one of them :)

I hope this helps somebody interested in tracking delivery of their car (which is different from tracking their car ;).

You can also just google this and find lots of entries where people tracked their delivery.

edit: 21 Nov 2022. my.porsche.com might be able to allow some form of tracking
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Still not sure if the cars currently sat in Emden, bound for Canada, will be on the Kentucky Highway, which is just outside of Emden right now, or on the Yu Heng Xian Feng, which is supposed to sail on April 7th.
My completed Macan Turbo (VIN received from dealer last week -yeh!) will probably be on the Yu Heng Xian Feng, which arrives Emden April 7th (ETA), sailing April 12th, and arriving Halifax April 26th (ETA).
Had a chat with the dealer this morning and confirmed mine is already on it's way on the Kentucky Highway. :)
Funny thing, skylineguv, had a chat with my dealer too - accelerated shipping schedule for launch cars - mine already on its way on the Kentucky too, having left Emden March 24th, ETA Halifax April 4th. How cool is that! Still no talk of getting it before official launch May 17th, though. We'll see...
My tracking sheet shows exit port Emden 03/29/2014, and Houston expected date of 04/18/2014, so I guess I'm on Bishu (now on way to Davisville). Thanks to you & skylineguv for the help!
Yes, that would make sense, considering that Kentucky is on its way back to Emden.
Have any of you guys in Canada recieved word if your cars have left the port en route to your dealers?
Just that mine is expected to leave Halifax on April 11. But they are not sure on expected day in Toronto. Usually the trip takes about a week, but since the launch is May 16/17, they're not committing until the vehicle exits Halifax.
As of 10 minutes ago mine was still awaiting it's Monroney sticker etc and hadn't been cleared for transport. Current expected date to leave Halifax is Apr 18th, then 10 or so days until it reaches the dealership.
sky, did your Turbo complete PDI already (NA19)? If so, what Actual date?

Just spoke with my dealer in Toronto and he said mine is not even in the first stage of PDI (NA10). He also said window sticker will require Canadian fuel ratings (which are different from EPA), and there is no info when that's expected. Also, I heard that it's probably best if the cars waited at the Autoport in Halifax anyway for the time being as Porsche has a full complement of factory-spec technical and storage facilities there.
As a new Porsche customer, can someone please explain tracking sheets to me. My Macan S is scheduled for Toronto delivery in mid-July and my salesman tells me via email that there is no tracking sheet he can provide me. Is this normal?
Which GTA dealer? Some dealers are choosing to tighten up, saying authorised only after the May 17th model sale date.
Downtown Porsche
I've heard that DT Porsche is being very cautious regarding tracking info because Porsche in Germany cannot be depended upon with certainty to not change production schedules these days - some cars gain days, some get delayed.
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