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Look to the left of the 2" receiver. There should be either a plastic cover with screws, or trailer connector with a flip up lid.
If no flip up lid (like in attached picture) then you need to get the two items at the dealer. One is the seven pin socket, and the other is a 7pin to 4 pin converter.
PNA-955-127-08B 7 to 4 pin adapter.
PNA-955-118-93B 7 pin wiring socket.

Parts stores may have the Pollack part number 11-893P socket, and the Pollack part number 12-716P 7 pin to 4 pin adapter.

You should be able to tow 4,400 lbs. according to the factory manual.
Also check to see if you need a wire and module adapter like in the Cayeened.
in rennlist.
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