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Congratulations. Car looks beautiful. As I've mentioned a few times here, I was strongly considering the Carmine Red for my '23 S, which is on order, but went with the Gentian Blue when my wife wanted the red for her Cayenne that I ordered at the same time.

I recognize the dealership - South Shore. Where are you located? I'm in Oceanside. Did you get any deal from them? Sorry, but the new ownership group killed them. I left them after getting 3 cars there previously. They tried to tell me they were the only dealer in the area that was selling cars at MSRP and everyone else wanted above list price. A couple phone calls and not even trying to haggle I was able to get quotes at MSRP from Gold Coast. a small discount at Huntington and the best deal by far at Amityville. I gave them the opportunity to match the deal from Amityville and the sales manager wouldn't budget practically telling me that they will find another sucker to pay MSRP and they don't care about customer retention.

Also be very wary of South Shore's service department. On your included first service they are going to try and charge you a "shop fee" unless they discontinued that disgusting practice because enough people complained about it. I refused to pay it and the service manager, Chris, who's known me for years agreed to take it off. They will also recommend an alignment every time you come in for service "because the roads are so bad around here that you are going to need one every year." Oh, and be prepared to wait weeks if you need a loaner car because they thinned out their loaner fleet.
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