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Anyone who has played with the configurator is quickly greeted by the following choice:

With the help of Suzy991 from 6speed, here is a more detailed description of each trim level:

Partial leather seats
Covered in leather:

- Steering wheel rim, PDK selector
Covered in Alcantara and Synthetic leather:
- seats

Partial leather seats with leather package:
Additionally covered in leather:
- upper part dashboard
- upper trim center console storage bin
- seat centers, seat side inner bolsters
- headrests (front part)
- arm rests front+rear
- door handles front+rear

Leather interior:
Additionally covered in leather:
- lower part of dashboard
- side trim center console
- airbag cover steering wheel
- door panels upper and lower trim
To make it clearer, here I've highlighted some of the areas which are not leather (i.e. plastic/fabric) in the standard trim level:

Not to say one trim level is better than another, but just be aware if like me you were perving at the stitched leather seam running along the dash and were assuming it came standard :)

Alcantara seats are quite nice though, allows you or your kids to do things like this:


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This needs to be corrected, the seats are leather, at least partially. If you spec 14 or 18-way seats the seat centers are leather thus the statement made by Suzy is wrong.

Standard Interior in Black

Covered in Partial Leather
- Seats incl. Alcantara® seat centers

Covered in Smooth-Finish Leather
- Steering wheel rim
- Gear selector and boot
In combination with Power Seats (14-way) or Adaptive Sport Seats (18-way), the seats are upholstered in smooth-finish leather and no longer feature Alcantara® seat centers.

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