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Would you be interested in an aftermarket intercooler kit?

  • Absolutely! If it's a high quality kit, I'm definitely interested

  • Maybe, especially if the pricing is roughly the exact same that AMS had offered.

  • Maybe, but only if pricing is significantly lower than what AMS had offered.

  • No way! This endeavor is a complete waste of time.

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Received the IC and installed, plus customized Stage 2 tune and this is what I get on my 2016 Macan S.

View attachment 265091
With reliability and practicality in mind, I have requested to detune the car to suit a lower octane fuel. I am happy with the result and the IC is a solid built proven to sustain the Stage 2 tune, capable at bringing the charged air temperature down to stock when running on a higher boost.
I'm so happy to see another successful install and great results with it.
Just look at that torque!!! Nice power gain too!
81 - 82 of 82 Posts