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Amidst all the hoopla of shortages and high prices are the spy shots and rumors of another refresh before the Macan goes EV . This would be the first time I ever saw Porsche do a refresh of a refresh . It also is hinted (in my off the record conversations) that it might be brief as EV is the future plan . So far in the US orders have been accepted for 2022 992's but no Macan . Thus it leads me to wonder why are they doing this ?

So here are some guesses .... (and BTW feel free to take yours too) .

1) If there is no 2022 Macan get ready to see used and CPO prices take a huge jump . My suggestion is find a car NOW. Look, find, buy ... thats my guess . Dont be picky with "oh dear its missing an option" . You are too late for that .

2) The refresh ... Usually Porsche likes to experiment on the refresh with a few things they hope will succeed in the redesign . For instance the 997.2 was the first DFI engine . The 991.2 was the first turbo /non turbo models .
With the Macan they already messed with the engine in the first refresh . They actually did well .
My guess is that the second refresh will be more about the technology . Unlike the engine and PDK Porsches weakest trait is technology . The Macan .3 might just be the one that everyone wants to forget . It might be the one where Porsche tries to compete with bigger tech wizards inn the auto industry so that if they succeed they can launch an EV with all the criteria to justify the (gulp) price .

In short .. even though this is not the time to buy a car it might very well be the time to buy a Macan .
I speculate that the reason Porsche is taking 2022 orders for the 992 and not for the Macan has more to do with supply and demand of the 992.
1 - 1 of 94 Posts
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