For sale is a set of four Porsche OEM 20" Black Spyders off my GTS. These had less than 14k miles on them when removed from the vehicle. I purchased the Surround View camera's specifically to avoid curbing these rims and it worked like a charm. These rims have no blemishes or curb rash. Optimum sealant has been applied to reduce the break dust and they come with TPMS sensors and the colored Porsche crests.

The tires are original from when I bought the car new and despite having plenty of tread left, they are at least six years old and not recommended to drive on them. One tire has a nail in it that can be repaired (it's located in the contact patch area, not on the sidewall) but I wouldn't recommend that due to the age of the tires. However, since they are original this means that the rims have never seen a mounting machine except from the factory.

Pickup only in the Bellevue, Washington area. Please let me know if you need any specific photos as I'm happy to take them for you.
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