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Selling a set of OEM 21" 911 Turbo Wheels with an interesting option for prospective buyers.

I bought them with the intention of refinishing and painting them Satin Black. They are currently in their original silver/grey finish, and probably don't need a refinish in all honesty.

I am happy to sell as-is, including gloss black center caps for $2,450 + Shipping


For $2,700 + Shipping , I can have them completely refinished and painted satin black, including color matched center caps.
See the results of the same finish on my other set for sale here: 20" Satin Black Spyders

Flat Rate Shipping via FedEx or UPS (Fully insured, sent to your door):

    • East Coast: $200
    • Middle States: $225
    • West Coast: $250

If choosing to go the route of refinishing/painting, the process will take roughly 7-10 days before I can have them ready to ship (the paint needs some time to cure before I would be comfortable shipping them out). I can provide daily updates and photos of the progress. The process is quite labor intensive, and therefore, I will require a $250 up-front (non-refundable*) deposit in effort to prove you're serious about the purchase. * If something unforeseen happens where a wheel is damaged, or if I cannot provide proper results and/or delivery within an agreeable and reasonable timeframe, I will allow the deposit to be refunded. As you can imagine, the deposit mainly serves as a means to avoid buyers remorse, tire kickers, etc. before putting the hours of work in.

Below are photos of them in their current state. I would say 8.75/10 shape overall, and personally, I would have no issue with running them as-is on my own Macan. They're actually in nicer shape than the original set I once had. There were a couple areas of scratches/curbing, which I have mostly polished out, which are detailed in the photos.

They are all straight and true, free of any cracks or bends.

Rear Wheel 1:

Rear Wheel 2 - this one is actually in near perfect condition and was completely refinished and machined and recleared. I tried to take a close up of the machine grooves which are slightly different from the original pattern, but cannot be noticed unless viewing up close:

Front Wheel 1:

Front Wheel 2 - Most of that rash on the very edge will be concealed by the tire once mounted:

Example of a set of Satin Black Turbos I previously owned:

I will consider reasonable offers, but I have priced both options quite aggressively based on my prior sales of Turbo sets.

PayPal only. I do prefer family/friends, otherwise please add 3% ($80-$90) to cover PayPal fees. I'm happy to provide numerous references from prior high-dollar sales on this forum.

Please PM with any inquiries.

Thanks for looking!

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SOLD. Refinished and on their way to their new owner!

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