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Selling a complete set of 2 EVOMS / Flat 6 Diverter Valves.

These are the same as those offered by Flat 6, minus the paint/branding. I've previously enjoyed them on my own Macan, and they worked wonders with holding boost after installing the Cobb tune. As others have suggested, I would say these are a must-have if you are running a tune.

The only reason I'm selling is because I've swapped them out with the Turbosmart Hybrid DV/BOVs.

The install is actually quite simple if you are a modestly skilled DIYer. I did it myself in less than 90 minutes the very first time. The front bumper will come off within 20 minutes, and the DVs are quite accessible. The hardest part for me was removing the stock hose clamps, which eventually came right off after I thought to use a set of 90 degree pliers. I would recommend replacing those hose clamps with worm clamps for easier install.

Find them here for $319 at Flat 6: Flat 6 Motorsports by EVOMS - Performance Diverter Valves (Macan)

My Price: $220 Shipped

ayment: PayPal is preferred. Please add 3.5% if opting for the ”goods/services” method to cover fees. No fees with “friends/family”. Either method is perfectly acceptable.

I’m happy to provide numerous references.

Please PM with any inquiries. I’m always happy to get on the phone, or video conference to review the set as well.

Thanks for looking!
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