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Available for sale is yet another Cobb Access Port V3. The tune is fully uninstalled, all maps updated with the most current files, and is ready for installation. The experience will be truly plug and play. Receive the mail, walk out to your car, install, and instantly fall in love with your Macan again.

I currently have my own Cobb Accessport installed, and absolutely love it. The improvements are incredible. Plus, it's a handy diagnostic tool as well that allows you to scan and clear codes.

More info on Features, Dyno Charts/ Performance here: COBB Tuning - Accessport for Porsche Macan Base / S / GTS / Turbo

Cost New: ~$1400 after tax. Sale Price: $1000 shipped
Does the exact same thing as a brand new one, looks the same as a brand new one, but you get to pay a used price. They don't really wear out (it may only be out of the box for 5 minutes to install the tune), and Cobb releases updates for free. You can sell it for the same price whenever you decide to uninstall and be done with it - so why pay a lot more for a new one and take the depreciation hit anyway?

I think this will be the 12th Cobb AP I've sold in the past year, each same thing, and same price. No surprises or games here. My prior customers would gladly attest to that. I'll ship within 24 hours or received payment, and will provide full insurance and tracking.

Payment via PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo only. If using Paypal, Friends/Family option is preferred, or add 3.5% ($35) to cover fees. I'm happy to provide references from several high-dollar transactions on this forum if necessary.

Feel free to message with any questions or interest.

Thanks for looking!

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