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looks like they used a screw driver and not a plastic trim removal tool
Agreed. And they clearly didn't read the install instructions, nor understand Porsche provides a release inside the wheel well. No need for prying.

@nlalwani - When everything gets painted, be sure and check things from various angles and in various lights. I had to have my wife's 2019 White Cayenne's front bumper painted after someone backed into her car in a parking lot. We had to take it back to the Porsche certified/Dealer owned paint shop TWICE to get the color to match. It was most obvious in late afternoon sunlight.

Be aware that the thickness of the paint will be different, and this will be picked up by many dealers/buyers who will assume your car was in a wreck (pictures or not). Depending on who does the paint work, this might show up on the stupid CarFax report. Be sure that it doesn't (talk to the people fixing the paint).

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