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Rusnak and Beverly Hills Porsche

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Part 1.) I'll be ordering an S this week. Wanted to update you guys on some info I got today. Bev Hills had a demo Macan with just the standard CDR+ and no PCM so I had the SA test some of the functions people (including myself) were wondering about without navigation module.

1. Smart phone streams music through Bluetooth without being plugged in anywhere. The song menu comes up if phone is plugged in but I dont believe it does through bluetooth. Don't remember 100% on this part.
2. Trip Odometer details and functions work on 7 inch screen
3. Cooling system settings were accessible on 7 inch screen
4. Anything that is viewable on big screen is also available on the instrument cluster screen from everything ive heard also

Seems like you could get away with CDR+ and cover PASM w AS which I have done alot of research on. I've seen all the standard non-AS Macans sitting at normal height and its not as aggressive looking as the lower stance created with the AS. Then when you factor in how much AS i.c.w PASM adds to performance characteristics it's a no brainer for me at this point.
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Hi all,

I am shopping for a 2023 GTS. Does anyone have any experience with sales in Rusnak Porsche in Pasadena CA? My indie shop specifically recommended I NOT use them for some issues they thought a dealership should handle (one under warranty and one they said I should try to fight to get at least partial coverage for) and sent me to Beverly Hills instead. Basically said the shop at Beverly Hills would be more willing to work with me.

Seeing what people's thoughts were on their sales dept, willingness to negotiate price (I am unwilling to pay over MSRP), etc.

Circle (now, Porsche Long Beach) is one of the few remaining boutique-like P stores. Great all around from Sales to Service.
They have an allocation but it's a bit of haul for me compared to any of the other three in the area (Pasadena, Downtown, Beverly Hills)
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