Edit 2: Turns out the car buying website won't actually pick up my car like they claimed, I have to bring it to them. so that changes the math for me on how much I'd need privately to make it worth my while by quite a bit. Price reduced to 47k with the wheels shown or I'll give you a deal at $47500 and also include 20" sportdesign with tires and TPMS (20" Macan Sport Design Wheel Set)

Also talk to me if you are out of the area and would like it shipped, I may be willing to help out on cost.

Timing is going to be an issue though so if you think you might want the car don't wait. I am making plans to drop it off at the end of next week.

Edit: changing this to a sale post, for a limited time before taking the online offer. If anyone is looking for a similar spec I feel you can get a pretty good deal here. $50k with the original wheels or I'll shave some off if you want the 19's shown instead.
Truly serious buyers should convince me of such interest and I can work on getting decent pictures. It's spring(ish) in New England and that means road grime. I'm also up against some deadlines with work and don't have time to waste cleaning and photographing if the chance is small that a casual interest will go anywhere. With a lot of looking around over the last week it seems the range for this kind of miles is $45 to $55k. This is among the more expensive builds you would see and has impeccable service history and some time on CPO. I feel it's worth the upper part of that range to the right buyer, but at this price I can offer someone a good deal before it gets listed higher by the dealer who buys it from me, while also putting some extra bucks in my pocket for the extra time required.

I am leaving the original post in it's entirety:

Hi anyone who sees this... I am considering going in a different direction with our vehicles... my GTS was bought from texas in Nov '21, CPO. so ~7 months left. it now has 39k miles (in NH). It is an awesome (IMO) build with the completely fantastic espresso natural leather. Wonderful condition inside and out, paint protection film was on it when I bought it and I suspect it may have been ceramic coated though I'm not sure how to tell. New brakes and battery for the CPO sale and up to date on service through 40k PDK servicing. I am trying to gauge interest (or the long shot of an actual trade to be made) and/or seeking advice on value. One of the national online car sites has offered me $43k and I have a few days left on the offer. So I'm also soliciting opinions from the peanut gallery on if I should take it or if I can do better enough to make it worth the added hassle. I've been watching cars and bids, a few recent-ish similar volcano examples have sold for about $50k after buyers commission, but a turbo just sold for quite a bit less, and sold ebay listings are a bit discouraging as well. Then again ebay is a crapshoot, used car prices are in the news again as heading sharply up, and and none of the noted examples had my spec, including amazing interior (by far my favorite part of the car). Photo last summer loaded for adventure (for the eagle-eyed observers, i have the original wheels as well) https://vinanalytics.com/car/WP1AG2A59HLB54236/
Thanks for any input. My original plan was to keep through CPO expiration but a few factors have me wondering if this is a better time to swap things around.