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Maybe this has been discussed before, but I'm having a tough time finding a straightforward answer.

Does anyone know if PDLS Bi-Xenon Headlights will work on a non-PDLS equipped Macan?

In other words, might a PDLS headlamp operate correctly, and work just like a non PDLS lamp if installed into a non PDLS vehicle?

Also, does anyone know if there are any actual differences aside from color between the Black GTS style Bi-Xenons, and the standard Silver trim ones? They look exactly the same, just different colors. I've heard the black ones may need to use a module with a slightly different part number if installed to a 2015, but is due to differences in the headlamp itself? or is the different module required because of differences in the actual 2016+ Vehicle? If the lights are exactly the same, I would assume the original 2015 module could be reused.

Any insights are greatly appreciated!
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