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2019+ Macan S / 2020 + Macan Turbo/GTS Intake:
Just a quick update, we're still in the design/development phase. Unfortunately, we couldn't "reuse" much of the design from the existing intake system as Porsche did just enough to make that impossible. We're developing an entirely new air filter with larger diameter outlet to help promote air velocity with the new turbo inlet piping. The intake system will come with a carbon fiber plate to mesh and seal the airbox (shown below in 3D printed material) and the duct on top of the box will have to be reworked but be very similar to our existing carbon ducts. So more carbon fiber! I don't have final pricing but expect it to slot between the existing 2.0 and the V6 offerings for the 2015-2018 model.

Special Limited Edition - Gloss Carbon Fiber Ducts (2015-2018 Macan S/GTS/Turbo)
We've had a few folks ask so we are making a limited run of 5 sets of gloss carbon fiber ducts. They will not be available for the 2.0 but if you are interested in securing an exclusive one-time set, please let us know.

Niche Technologies Macan Convenience Module:
We have some units heading here and will be testing their product. We plant to get a video up showcasing the product and it's features along with an install guide. The module provides some nice features like trunk closing from the key-fob, full closure, close the trunk while driving, mirror folding, PCM mute, drive mode memory (beta) and more. We plan to become their North American distributor so should have stock ready to ship shortly.


2015-2018 Macan S/GTS/Turbo Downpipes:
For anyone interested in installing a set of downpipes, our friends at Soul Performance Products have offered us a free set to a client who is interested in having them installed and provide some picture/video. If you are interested please contact us at [email protected] for more details.


As always, we greatly appreciate the support and feedback from the community. Please let us know if there's anything we can help with or if there are some product ideas you guys want to see. We're hoping to have some tuning options for the new Macan available soon.
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