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Porsche Taycan Interior LEAKED!!!

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We've seen a lot of Taycan images over the past few weeks but here's something very new!

At long last we have our first look at the interior of the Taycan. And, much like with the exterior of the car it appears to live up to the wild design of the concept.

Looking at this lone interior photo next to the concept of the Mission E it's easy to see just how faithful Porsche was. While the photo quality is low, it looks like there's room for one or possibly two screens across the passenger side of the dash, as well as a large opening in the center console for yet another screen.

More Pictures And Details: Porsche Taycan Interior First Look
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I thought you meant that the interior was leaking. :eek:

Interesting interior!
I thought you meant that the interior was leaking. :eek:

Interesting interior!

yeah... Like the early 787 Dreamliners. Twice, when I flew on them they had water dripping from
one spot in the ceiling. Fortunately not near my seat...

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Looks amazing. Can't wait to see it in person.
Porsche shows off the interior of its first EV ahead of September 4th reveal

By the time greasy fingers smear the beautiful screens there won't be much to discern. Be sure to order some microfiber cloths; they're going to be needed...

I'll stick with the plain old screens thanx

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