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Porsche Taycan GT3: Make It or Forget It

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Doubtful. Weissach cars exist to homologate the cars for racing. The side benefit is cars meant for tracking exist besides the Stuttgart production cars, cars never meant for public roads, although some people use them for that purpose. What racing series will Taycans race in? IMO, this is nothing but advocacy for electric vehicles. There needs to be a reason to build such a vehicle and I see none. Besides, the J1 platform is a prototype, stopgap, AFAIK, to get a player on the EV board. Once the mainstream vehicles go EV, it might disappear over the years. VAG knows they can't have multiple platforms. They need one platform across body types across brands. For example, the same platform for CUVs across brands or the same supercar platform across brands. Otherwise, they throw money away.
I learned a fancy new word today. 0:)
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I am still learning it. ;)
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