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Porsche Parade La Quinta June 2023

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Just curious how many are thinking of registering for Porsche Parade in La Quinta this June. If you are going which vehicle are you going to enter with? Any particular events you intend to compete/participate in? Autocross, Concours, Rally, Trivia?

I plan on going with my friend who was just appointed the Representative for the Porsche Club of America Zone 11 - Alaska and Hawaii - and will be driving down from Vancouver Island along with a few other friends. Typically participate in Concours and then do some of the driving tours, dinners etc. Absolutely play in the golf tournament.

Uncertain about which vehicle. We may have to bring our Shih Tzu so that means the Macan T. Otherwise would really actually like to bring the 997 Carerra S Cabriolet. Would stay at our place in PGA West.
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...guess the forum is PCA averse...

:oops: :eek: :unsure:
wonder how hot it will be there in mid to end of June ?
It will be hot no question - would be a great place for an event in March - April or October - November - but summer time is just hot - if they do the track events at Thermal then I would propably go down and run one day - that is a great facility!
I thought of going but as I'll also be heading to Cali for Rennsport Reunion in September I will likely pass on Parade this year.
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