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I have to admit that although the GLA45AMG is Macan Turbo-quick at a Macan S price, I have no interest in it at all. By all accounts, the Macan combines great handling with a great ride/refinement, in particular with AS. For the CLA/GLA Automobile says "we suspect the latest baby Benz will suffer the same ride harshness that afflicts the CLA. The GLA45 AMG, which already is tuned more firmly than the standard car, offers an even-stiffer optional performance suspension that is probably best reserved for those whose commute is pothole-free.", which matches all the reviews of the CLA45. A few decades ago I might not have cared, but now I'm looking for a complete package, not something that achieves the impression of great handling by riding like a bag of bricks.

Edit: I also like the looks of the Macan much better...
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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