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So yesterday I did a bit of speculative arithmetic to give us a ball park figure for the base Macan (expected 4 cylinder T) so I thought it would be good to compare our speculative figure to.

The figure I came to yesterday was $41,922 CAD based on the percentage differences in Cayennes pricing structure, so lets look how that $41,922 Base Macan MSRP stacks against the X3, GLK and Q5.

X3: $42,800 CAD
GLK: $43,500 CAD
Q5: $40,900 CAD

To add another layer the Q5 3.0T uses the same engine 3L Turbocharged V6 as the Macan S however in the Audi it only produces 372 horses.

Q5 3.0: $46,200
Macan S: $54,300

The Audi Q5 3.0T is priced at 85% of the Macan S. Which means that the initial speculation of Macan 4 cylinder T may be a little low. 85% of the speculative Macan Base price is $35,633 almost $4.5K short of where the Q5s actual base price.

If we take the Q5 base price and multiply it by 115% we get $47,035....

So somewhere between $41 and $47,000 we should find the Turbo 4 Macan when it eventually shows up...
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