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Porsche is in the midst of working on a four-cylinder engine to power its entry level models, but the brand says that the small engines won’t be ready until at least 2016.

“It is no real secret that we are working on a four-cylinder engine. But it is still in an early development phase. On current planning, it will be another three years at least before we will be ready to reveal anything official on this subject,” a Porsche official told Autocar.

The new four-cylinder will use turbocharging and direct injection, and share its architecture with the current six-cylinder engine found in the Boxster, Cayman and 911.

Although Porsche’s own four cylinders will arrive in the Bosxter and Cayman in 2016, another Porsche model will use an inline-four first; the new Porsche Macan small SUV. The turbo four going into Porsche’s baby Cayenne is said to be coming from Volkswagen, who is providing the Macan with both gas and diesel engines.

[Source: Autocar]
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