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It is pretty exciting watching what is happening in China. It is amazing that the wealthy are sooooo wealthy, while the poor in China or very very poor. Car companies are investing in China like their lives depended on it, and maybe their lives do depend on it! While most of the rest of the world is struggling, China seems to be doing a-okay. Can't wait to see what China becomes in 15-20 years.
China is still flooding thier domestic market with credit of course they're a-ok. European banks are tightening up they never know when they will need the extra liquidity and north americans, well....

The luxury brands are especially flocking to china because they are seeign major difficulties commanding their MSRPs in europe and NA, while in China they're selling Q5's for $100k. Follow the margins...

Wait until porsche drops the baby boxster, then you'll see just how nuts they can go in China. Macan is just tip of the ice berg.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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