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So you have a Porsche, but you've never driven it at top speed because of those pesky speed limits? Porsche feels for you, and that is why they are building a brand new headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. At this test track Porsche drivers will be free to use all 560 horsepower that their car can churn out, and really push the car all the way up to its top speed of 322km/h (200mph,) if they dare.

So you live on the west coast? Well, Porsche thought of that too. A Porsche Experience center is being constructed in Los Angeles as well that also has a test track.

A delivery center will also be included in the new Porsche headquarters.

Porsche is so cool. America was like, "we don't have an Autobahn." Porsche is like, "we will just build our own."
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