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Well, I never left Porsche. They left me.

My first post college car was a two year old 1984 Carrera Cabriolet. I later added an E34 M5 for the winter. I sold them when I bought a new 993 Twin Turbo which was my daily car for many many years.

Porsche left me with the 996, and then with each new version they became bigger and more remote. I just couldn't get excited by the new cars. (I almost bought a Macan in 2015, but instead bought a Tesla P85D, but it was really close).
Instead, I started collecting and driving and racing early Porsche's especially 356's, and then early 911's, mostly 1967 911S but nothing newer than a 1973 RS. I loved Porsche but couldn't relate to all the new hardware out there, which felt too clinical and not emotional to me.

Needing a ski car for the mountains, and not much space, I thought about everything but just bought a used 2018 Turbo with Performance Package and CPO. I'm pretty excited to be back in the modern Porsche world.

Is this a reemergence of love with newer Porsche's? We shall see. Credit Luft if so! I drove to the last one in my friend's 2017 Macan Turbo and I enjoyed it! Hence this purchase! (I wanted a small sports wagon but there was nothing new available and even used the e63 front splitter was a non starter, ditto the rs6 which is gaudy, the rs4 isn't imported, and I thought long and hard about a used 328d but just couldn't! And the raised wagons like an Allroad didn't appeal)
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