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We now have Philips X-treme Ultinon series 2700K Golden Yellow H8/H11 LED lights for fogs available for $149.99 only.
Click here to view.
We only have 30 sets in stock now so act fast as we priced it around $30 less than what other official vendors offer. First come first served basis.

We tested it out on a Macan S.
Result? It is amazing.
5500K M'Autolite LEDs looked very nice on Macan, which matched color nicely with X-tremeVision D3S bulbs.
Now, these 2700K Golden Yellow gives deep yellow color that makes Macan look more aggressive and also improves vision in adverse weather conditions; foggy and rainy roads.
If you want White color, we also have Philips 6000k H8/H11 LEDs for the same price or we have M'Autolite LEDs that have flexible copper heat sink.

• Technology: LED
• Application: Front fog using H8/H11/H16
• Base: PGJ19-1/2/3
• Designation: Fog universal X-treme Ultinon
• Range: X-treme Ultinon LED
• Type: Fog universal 8/11/16
• Color temperature: White 2700K
• Lumens: +40% brighter
• Voltage: 12 V

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.



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