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Sorry that this is long.

Well I did something totally out of my comfort zone. As many know I have a guy friend who is totally nuts about cars and he talked me into signing up to go to our areas 50th anniversary weekend events. Guess who got sick early Saturday morning and canceled on me! So I went anyway Saturday morning without him. In the morning they had a gimmick rally. Little did I know that you needed two people, one to drive and one to navigate and read the questions that you had to answer.

Everyone there was fantastic to me especially since I mentioned that I have been a card carrying member since late January 2018 when I got my VIN number from the dealer and I could join PCA, and this was my first event.

There was also a single and we got paired up together. He was driving a 1979 white 911. I asked if he could drive since he knew the area that we were driving through and I wanted a ride in a 911.

I have to admit it was a great morning driving around our city chatting with a perfect stranger as we were hunting the answers to the questions they had.

At the end of the rally and we turned in our questions he took me back to my car and wanted to see the Macan, so off we went in my little GTS and he kept saying how impressed he was with the car, how little roll the car had, the shifting, the engine sound, the exhaust sound especially when the car down shifted. We switched seats and off he went and didn’t realize how fast he was going on this side road and we thought he was going to get a speeding ticket because a police officer was coming in the opposite direction. He mentioned that he would hate to ruin his perfect driving record speeding in my car.

There was about 12 cars that did the driving rally, and I heard they had 15 people involved in the walking rally they set up for folks downtown. I have to say my Macan was the only Macan in sight all day.

In the afternoon after lunch they put on a blind auto cross at the local high school. Only 5 cars out of the 12 drove this. The newer 911’s and boxster did a lot better than the 1979 911 I rode in since his was a manual. But they all did fantastic wearing a sleeping mask and taking directions from their navigator. One guy in a beautiful yellow Boxster even wore his driving helmet through the course with his blindfold on. At the end he raced the course and completed it in 17 seconds without the blindfold.

Hilton Head Porsche sponsored this weekend, and I was surprised that our local dealer didn’t. Hilton Head also sponsored their 40th anniversary as well. Since I wasn’t participating in the blind auto cross I was chatting with the guy from the dealer. He saw that I was in the Macan and asked how I liked it, I told him that I just love it and have been enjoying my car this past year. Many smiles daily! He brought up that I should come down and see the new Macan’s that are coming in soon and I told him that I would definitely do so and I was sad to hear that they will not have a Porsche engine in them. He goes, “what”. I said that I heard that the new Macan’s will be sporting an Audi engine. “News to me.” I shared that since I got my Macan I have been on a quest to learn as much as I could and that was what I have learned.

Here’s my question; have any of you more experienced folks heard about Ruf cars. The white car that I rode around in all morning had Ruf badging instead of Porsche badging on the outside and on in the inside he did have the Porsche crest placed in the center of the car, where we have our PCM screen.

At the dinner that night Herr Alois Ruf was the guest speaker. And it started to click with me and the car I was in during the morning. So I did a quick google while he was speaking.


As a newbie, I was trying to soak up everything he was saying.

I talked a great friend to come with me to the dinner and she won the last door prize of the night, a 1,000 gift certificate to PEC. She couldn’t believe that she won, and then had no idea what she won. Lots of folks came up to her to congratulate her on her big win. On the way home and back to her car I tried to explain PEC and how much fun she and her husband could have with that 1,000 dollars! There was about 120 people there last night and in the parking lot I was able to count 4 Macan’s including mine.

Thanks for letting me ramble on about the day.


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Sounds like you had a great time, Jellybean! Perhaps you had even more fun due to your "car nut" friend's absence (hope he's feeling better)
Thanks for the cool write-up!
I have included Ruf's Wikipedia page (including a photo of Alois Ruf himself):
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