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New P Zeros Installed & New Auto X Layout = Blistering Fast Times and So Much Fun!

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Hello again Everyone!

Lots of good pics and video below!

Took my 2018 Macan GTS back to the Auto X at Palm Beach International Raceway this past Friday! Updated tire pics, video and description of what changes were made below!

What a difference summer tires make AND a faster course layout. I never thought I would be besting (several) Miata's going full tilt on an AutoX track in a SUV but when Porsche labels something GTS, they mean business!!

The last couple of outings lap times here 63 & 64 seconds with a couple dipping into the 62 territory ON ALL SEASONS with more technical course layout. The fastest drivers on this older layout were in the 57's.

Now what made this outing special was the P Zeros. With the same group of drivers and cars showing up to these events, I knew I could track my progress by seeing who I can out drive out on the track. My lap times dipped into 52 second range with the new faster course, with the best drivers being in the 50's. The list was shocking, and results are below!

Check out the latest video:
Part III - 2018 Porsche Macan GTS Wins Division and places 13th Overall

Updated tire picture of the new P. Zeros show expected tread wear and plenty of life for next weeks full blown SCCA road coarse event:


Changes made which yielded a fastest lap in the 52 second range:

1) With the P Zeros, was able to put the pedal to the metal out of every corner, unlike before on the all seasons.

2) The P Zeros really allowed me to just hammer the car thru the slalom with confidence and higher speed.

3) More aggressive braking, but had to really do so prior to turning in, to avoid scrubbing the tires.

4) Tire pressures kept constant at 38 PSI all fours

5) Still had to mind some audible cues from the tires, but noticeably much high limits here.

As it turns out, the Porsche fam was strong on this night with each of the following winning their class: 2018 Cayman GTS, 2006 911S and myself in the 2018 Macan GTS.

The guys in the above coupes are excellent drivers are were top 5. The 2006 911 S was only a few tenths slower than a fully track prepped Lotus 7, which is INSANE.


The next outing is in two weeks and for the first time, on the full blown 2+ mile road course with the SCCA were back straight away speeds approach 140 MPH!


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Thread-Jack.... we sat in Turn 15 both of the first two years of MotoGP as well! Too funny...

Also - the year they let people do parade laps.... I took the Ducati on the track with my buddy on the back.... on that very last turn going onto the front straight, I told him to “hang on” and that I “wasn’t going to really get on the brakes”... I ducked inside of a handful of other sport bikes and passed everyone scrapping pegs two-up. One of the stupidest things I’ve done and at the same time coolest as well. My best friend couldn’t wipe the grin off his face for days.

Man I love bikes...

Ok - carry on all!!

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My buddy and I rode out to the MotoGP weekends in Indy, in 2008 and 2009, too.

I did a parade lap at Indy in 2008, the result of a donation to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. We were told not to screw it up, no sling-shotting, etc., because we represented the PBTF and it would reflect badly on them, Indy was allowing this for the first time and might not do it again, yada yada.

This was way before I ever owned an action cam; I used a very early digital camera, meant for still photography but which (barely) had limited video capability. I'm riding with the camera mounted on my bike:

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The posted lap time picture shows you driving a 2001 Mazda Miata ??????
Good driving there considering what you're up against.

I noticed the leaderboard hasn't changed much since the last autocross I attended ( over a decade ago). Those Miatas still show up all over it. I had a '92 for years and wish I still had it.
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So awesome. Really makes me want to give it a try. Great job!
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