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New GTS build - do colors clash?

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So my 2018 Macan S is at the dealership (dreaded transfer case - at least it's under warranty) and they gave me 2023 Cayenne Platinum Edition as a loaner. I'm really enjoying the black/bordeaux red leather interior. I've been considering upgrading to a GTS anyways, and I built the one below. My Macan is volcano grey and I wanted something a little less conservative this time around (probably a green, blue or red) and really like the copper ruby metallic.

I'm not good with color matching so... do people think the exterior copper ruby metallic clashes with the bordeaux red interior?

I'm also debating PTV+ and sports chrono, but I'm not going to track this so not sure either are worth it. I think PTV+ may be helpful in snow but I currently live in Southern California.
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I don’t love black interiors either but sometimes it's just what goes best with the exterior. Consider deviated stitching, seat belts, and/or gauge faces in a complimentary color like chalk or silver to have some pop.
+1. Way better than the original build but I think you can tweak it a little better.
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