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New 2023 Macan Base owner

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First time on Macan Forum. My new Macan arrived at dealer in Halifax Nova Scotia. Delivery to me delayed due to amplifier recall. No ETA although have lots on order. Hopefully arrives soon.
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Nova Scotia- one of my favorite places on earth. (And I drove my Macan there this summer, for relevant content.) Enjoy the new car!
Any idea how long the waiting time in Canada?
Dealer mention no solid ETA but other times part for amplifier delivered within couple of weeks. I will advise when part arrives and I receive the vehicle.
I'm certain it will be well worth the wait. Hopefully it won't be much longer for you. The parts shortages are beginning to ease, at least here in the states. I had been looking at a 2022 when the dealership called and told me the first of the 2023 models had just arrived.
I purchased my Macan a month ago and I absolutely LOVE driving this car! She's extremely comfortable and handles like a dream.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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