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I would be worried about both. We’re talking about a car that is over six years old. In fact model year 2017 was an early release beginning in April 2016. It will cost just as much to service that car is a new car and they will price high enough to be scary on the used market. I’ve seen a lot of guys take a long ride with their heart and checkbook down this road, there were some that believe that CPO is a magic carpet. Those two years go quickly and no one likes to live in the shop anyway. When they’re over, you now have a very old car with no warranty which the next buyer can’t afford to float. You’re stuck. I’ve seen that too , those who do the best with these cars at that age level and mileage are people who know how to work on the cars themselves and don’t mind doing it. There are plenty of those guys here. I am not one of them.
Better than nothing !!!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts