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Hi all,

Just wanted to share with the crew my new to me 20' Chalk Macan Base. I'm absolutely thrilled to have picked up this beauty. I couldn't have bought it from a better dude...a Porsche enthusiast who created a tasteful build where the options and look was totally my style. I was looking at silver and black, but seeing this in person, I fell in love with the color.

I was looking at 18's and this popped up and had to go check it out. I spent 90 minutes with the owner and driving the car and made the decision to buy it right then and there. It was too good of a deal to pass up and I'm so happy I went with the second gen with the new body styling and tech. Plus still under warranty. I've been driving BMW's for 10+ years and this is just such a solid car. This being my first Porsche, I now "get it."

I never thought I'd end up with the base, but I decided to keep my e92 M3 (you can kinda see in the pics) as my toy car so when I need to go fast I have an outlet :) But this base is perfect for my use case and is definitely very peppy and the handling is amazing.

My favorite options on the car:
-21" Sport Wheels
-Roof Rails
-Quad black exhaust tips (if it had the sport exhaust I think this would be the absolute perfect build...thats the one thing I'm bummed about but oh well!)
-Designation delete
-Clear Taillights
-Side blades in exterior
-Alcantara headliner
-Premium Plus

As a bonus it came with some goodies that was icing on the cake:
-Graphene 7 year coating on the whole car and wheels
-Clear Bra on front 1/4 of the car
-Pedal Commander already installed
-H&R springs, lowered by 1.5" (feels great and loves the way the car sits)
-10mm Flat6 rear wheel spacers
-Invisible tow hitch

Overall so pumped to have a really clean, unique, and fun base build with tasteful mods. LOVE IT!

Glad to be here and thanks for having me. See ya on the road!

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