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I received a response from Mr12volt regarding 3 issues I raised.

1. Mr12Volt splash screen: there is no way to remove the splash screen, but there is apparently a way to replace the Mr12volt logo by a different image…. They are going to send me instructions and files required. The Porsche Logo is already as a splash screen in boot up process… I’ll probably replace the Mr12volt splash screen with this…
View attachment 257054

2. The Mr12volt icon will take more time, but they said they will work to provide alternatives. I’m going to have to stay tuned on that one.

3. The use of factory microphone they said is their next big improvement with the P3000. So, I’m assuming that for me, it will require that I buythat new system and install when available. I’ll probably wait a few years before doing something like that.

I’ll keep you all posted with further communications and developments.
It looks like it might be cheaper to get yourself a full set of PCM 4.0 than to test 3-4 sets of optional CarPlay modules.
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