Hello fellow Macan owners.

I have a set (4) of DAI Art Replica Macan Turbo Replicas in gloss black. These are made in Canada and are not cheap Chinese knockoffs. They are JWL/VIA certified.

Front 21x9 5x112 ET 26
Rear 21x10 5x112 ET 19

They are in great condition, this means no bends, cracks, scuffs, or scratches and will come with Continental Sport Contact tires, all with about 7/32 tread remaining. Also come with TPMS and Porsche center caps.

Pictures of wheels are as attached. I can take more photos if needed, as they are up on my rack in the garage. I am going with a different wheel this year, so this would make a great set for someone trying to be more economical or perhaps a winter or track set.

$1,100.00 USD shipped or best offer. Message me or reply for any questions or concerns.