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Mystery solved!

I emailed my Porsche SA about this issue & asked several questions & one was answered.

Porsche redesigned the hood itself so, when my MY2016 hood was replaced, I needed the redesigned insulator pad to properly fit & that is why the old pad does not fit properly & there are 2 places where the holes in the pad for the clip do not have a corresponding hole in the hood.

So I will get an updated pad.

Hopefully, someone on MF reading this will open their hood for 30 seconds & post whether or not the new style pads have the 2 large openings as the old pads do.

I will probably get the new pad next week & then I will obviously know.

I have not been able to find out why Porsche changed the design of the hood… which is why they changed the design of the pad.

It must have been expensive to retool manufacturing so ….why?

Did it improve the Macan in some way?

AFAIK the purpose of hood insulators in general are:

Noise reduction

Lower heat to protect paint on hood

If there is an engine bay fire, the hood pad melts & smothers the fire (Hard to believe this one)

He should have used a SPL (dB) meter to measure the sound inside the cabin with & w/o the insulator in place.



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asked several questions & one was answered.
I wonder what the answer to the other questions was?

It will be interesting to see the new design. How significant the slots/central pad hole part of the hood to the air induction function and could that have been a reason for the hood re-design. We'll see I guess.

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Many MF Members may have the new hood/new insulator pad.
I assume they are not reading this thread.

It would be helpful is some members with MYs; 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 could post that they have the same old hood/pad design as you & I have with our MY 2015 & 2016.
IDK if this was changed for MY 2017 or maybe not until MY 2020?

I did get an ‘answer’ to another question from Porsche SA:

My emailed questions:
Why was this part changed & what is the difference between old & new?
(Reply: None)
Does the new black pad have 2 large center openings, as did the old pad?
(Reply: none)

Why 2 clip holes in my old insulator pad have no corresponding holes in the hood underside to attach?
(Answer: The hood was changed/superseded which is why the original hood liner does not fit the new hood perfectly . You need the updated liner to go with the new hood.)

I emailed again asking:
Do you know why Porsche changed the hood & pad design?
Is there some benefit to the new hood/pad design?

(Answer: Porsche didn’t announce why the changed the hood. Usually they update the part if there is a problem with it . I have never seen a problem with a hood other than impact damage .
I have no clue.)

So, I did find out about the ‘superseded’ hood & that explained the missing holes & whey 2 clips were not attached & probably why pad no longer fit as tightly as b4 the hood replacement.

I remain very curious as to why Porsche did this. It had to be expensive to retool the manufacturing of the hood & pad.

I would like to believe the new hood design is somehow better but, It may be that the change somehow saves Porsche $.

I just guessing but, maybe the new pad has no openings & there are now missing holes in the underside of the new hood design.

I never read any post on MF, until mine, about the hood insulator pad. I think most of us do not really notice it. When we open the hood we focus on the engine.

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I think most of us do not really notice it. When we open the hood we focus on the engine.
Easy enough to raise the hood, ignore the passage ways through it, and think that air is taken directly into the filter boxes. Lots of discussions about air induction appear to ignore this.

It will be interesting to see if it's possible to get to the bottom of the centre hole question, though maybe that sort of wisdom would have to come from Stuttgart.

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I now know there are at least 3 different hood insulator pads for Porsche Macan!


You’ve seen my photos of my original MY2016 pad. After my Storm Tree collision & hood replacement, with the superseded hood, now fit loosely & hung down & had 2 missing clips with no corresponding hood hole to attach it.

I also was not happy with the 2 large center openings, which seemed like they were now deformed into slits… until acronymous posted his side view photo. I then saw if I crouched down, mine were not slits but, still seemed like that section of the pad hung too low.

I found the replacement pad, which is a different style & is black instead of grey & still supposedly will fit my MY2016 Turbo as per the parts website I posted earlier.

That pad is what I expected to get today when I went to the Penske Collision to have the new pad installed.


They brought out a new pad that looked the same as my old pad!
I was surprised & assumed it would have the same issues. Inability to attach 2 clips, low hanging center openings, etc. I initially told them they have the incorrect part & attempted to explain how the front edge, closest to front bumper, is a completely different shape on the new style pad. They aligned the new pad with my old pad, while it was still on my hood. Yes, the front edge was exactly the same. He said he thinks the clip holes on the sides of the new pad are in a different spot & can be attached to a slit in my hood. I said let’s try it but, if it does not fit & attach correctly, I will want the correct pad installed. (I had them install it in the parking lot so, I didn’t have to let anyone else drive it —COVID-19) I wore a mask.

In 5 min. the tech had the old pad off & new one installed.

Fits perfectly, All 17 clips hold it tightly to the hood underside & the large center openings are much closer to hood underside now. He had said the part # was the same except the last digit was a different letter. (I do not know which 2 part #s he referenced.) If I had received the new, black, different shaped pad, I think it would not have fit correctly.

I will attach 3 photos; New black style, My new correct pad & my old pad.

If you replace the pad due to new hood or it just got old or damaged….be sure you get the correct part!

new hood insulator pad photo.jpg my new hood insulation pad 5.jpg underside hood cover 1.jpg
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