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Intercooler grill guards from Radiator Grille Store

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I ordered and received in a week. They are powder coated aluminum, not plastic. The zip ties are preinstalled to the grills, that is what secure them to the fascia. Appearance installed is excellent. They are a little tricky to worm thru the grill opening (no disassembly required) and attach, you will have to bend them. On the 2023 Macan GTS they attach to the backside of the center brace. There are a few slots molded into the backside of the center brace of the fascia. This is where you attach using pre-installed wire ties. You cannot see how they attach after installation unless you crawl on the ground and hunt for how it was done. I give the aesthetics a rating of 10/10. The installation is easy; somewhat tricky but not hard. Take your time. Protection for the intercoolers? Well better than nothing. Why? Two of the wire ties broke during installation. On one the clasp broke when I pulled it tight. The other was tight and I was pushing the clasp area to the back and I suppose something sharp on the fascia or grill cut it. There are no spare ties included with the set so having a few extra on hand before you begin would be a good idea. Once installed I could feel wavy areas in the grill from installation but it was easy enough to use a 90 degree pick and pull on the metal so it fit better. I'll admit that I bought these mainly for the look rather than protection. I feel if you are ok with the look of the zunsport brand which go in front of the center bar, they will offer better impact damage protection as the center bar supports the grill from moving inward rather than solely a couple of plastic wire ties. Radiator Grille Store intercooler guards are $99 plus shipping and tax. 5% off for using MacanForum as a discount code. Very nice looking mod for $100. Blends the look of the gaping frontal area with surround fascia in front of the intercoolers, masks the silver aluminum color of the cores -- the silver no longer stands out thru the holes and the grills offer some debris protection. These are gloss black grills installed on Jet Black body color.

I'm adding to this a statement of how helpful this forum has been for me. As a new to Porsche person, it's been great to read about various modifications and other owner's impressions of them. I want to thank everyone and hope my input also helps anyone who wants to make their car "theirs". To date I have installed the roar pedal, smoked side marker lights, grill inserts, Autobahn ceramic window tint (front windows only to match the rear tint) and purchased a blue metallic sun screen from covercraft (bought from their ebay store, cheaper and shipping included). All of these purchases were generated via various postings on the forum. None of these items have disappointed.


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Very nice write-up!

This type of mod falls under the heading of completely subjective . . . I personally prefer the OEM look, but do not think the mesh looks bad by any means. Stated differently, if the Macan were delivered with the mesh I would not be compelled to remove it.

Interesting that you didn't get spare ties with your order, mine came with a bundle of a half dozen spare ones.

When i installed them a couple weeks ago, i wasn't 100% happy with how they sit, so i ended up removing them.

They are ever so slightly too short and you end up with a sliver of a gap at one end, as well as an uneven line where they meet up with the top of the opening. Nothing big, but i know it's there and now my OCD would not let me forget it so I took them out.
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