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We know Macan is getting 4 cylinder Diesel and Petrol options, but I am seeing conflicting reports about who is getting what. TBH I was under the impression that US would not being seeing Macan Diesel S but we would be seeing 4 pot petrol somewhere down the line.

However this piece from carbuzz states that the US will in fact be getting the Macan Diesel S but not the 4 pot petrols in order to protect Audi Q5 sales....

Diesel Option Macan Cheapest Porsche For US-Market

German manufacturers have, of late, been making more of an effort to offer diesel options for their cars in the US market. It has been a slow process, but Porsche has taken it one step further and decided to offer a diesel in place of a four-cylinder base model in the US for the upcoming Macan.


The European market will be getting a four-cylinder model, but the parent company of VW is more concerned about brand hierarchy in the US, and a four-cylinder Macan would likely threaten Audi Q5 sales
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