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Have you clicked through the "microsite" posts?

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Two new posts today: The new Porsche Macan. Life, intensified.

In one of the posts I found the link to the engine sound MP3 which states it's from the "S" (yay!): http://special.porsche.com/microsit...nt/articles/exhaust-system/sounds/macan_s.zip
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I too was happy to see that, especially since when they originally released the audio tease before the LA Auto Show, the accompanying photo was of the Turbo's tailpipes.
New content! Safety Systems and Burmester.
Sweet. Everyone remember these site are localized, this one is UK. Some info may vary.
wintermute is right.
that's one thing to watch out for, not all the info on every porsche site will be consistent. but at least it's something to go off of for now.
Sweet. Everyone remember these site are localized, this one is UK. Some info may vary.
The main thing that varies is standard equipment. e.g. in Australia, Macan S comes standard with 19" Macan Turbo wheels, and Macan Turbo comes standard with 20" Sport Design wheels
I hope the PSE is available from the start, however for all the last new releases it has turned up 6 months later. If so I will delay my build until such time
The date on that is 2014-1-2 :p
Also, you'll love this - you can subscribe to the Macan newsletter (this is the UK link) and there is a whole bunch of "noble titles" to choose from: :D

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news on Macan microsite

take a look, some updates on microsite.:)
The microsite is gone, and so are any and all features. This could mean they're finally updating the site!
It loaded fine for me HotIce just a few minutes ago. There is a new environmentally friendly bullet.
Stupid Chrome. Loaded fine in Safari. Thanks Rurella. :)
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