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This is a good question, macanS. Yes, I went through the picking all of the options we wanted, however, the salesman hasn't yet been trained on all the details. He said his dealer will not receive training for a month or so. Good thing, since you likely saw that the Macan online selection site lacks some key details/clarifications, plus, some picture lack needed details.

My wife asked the salesman whether our 10% deposit was refundable, and he said no. I took this as a positive when he clarified--our deposit was just like buying the car, an "official order" We are locked in and prioritized, he stated. Once the dealer gets the training, we'll have about a week in March to finalize all options. He did not provide an exact date, but said we'll get status updates when the car is built, where it is and the expected delivery date in May. Porsche used to ship their cars into Baltimore, but now they get better results using Rhode Island. It is something about Baltimore ship congestion; he mentioned this because my dealer is in Northern Virginia.
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