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I was going to reference a prior post, but I couldn't find it.

Tuning our 2.9 is either by ECU tune file (dealer detectable) or piggy back tune (not dealer detectable). Go to flatsixmotorsport.com and see what's available for the 2020-2021 GTS.

Cobb has a new accessport tune (stage 1 only) for $1300 and it's technically detectable by a dealer. Similar to this GIAC and provide 40-60hp gain on a GTS.
Burger Tuning has a piggy back tune JB4 that has a lot of good reviews for Macans and Audi RS4/RS5. It's around $800 and provides several stages with mobile app access. Just need to disconnect/re-connect several cables at the engine.
I talked to Burger and the JB4 is good for 500-525 hp for our 2.9. Above that, it's unsure if our 2.9 has some bottom end to handle 550+ like the Audi 2.9.

and if you have a 2.9 S Macan which is slightly de-tuned from the GTS, dyno chart shows actual OEM hp for an S is 390-395 (based on 340bhp), and S dyno matches the GTS curve pretty close until 5300 (S peak). After that, GTS gains hp to 434 at 6700.
Thx! Great summary for those of us that are new to the tuning game.

Have you used any of them? Just curious to hear your thoughts.
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