Selling my Fabspeed Slip On Exhaust with Carbon Fiber Tips for 2014-2018 Macan S/Turbo as I am slowly parting out my car. Really aggressive sounding exhaust that brings the car to life. I have received lots of complements on the exhaust note from fellow car enthusiasts. Multiple people have told me that they expected to see a 911 when they heard it, but are surpised to see a Macan!

I estimate 15k miles on the exhaust. They exhaust are in good condition other than some scratches/scuffs on the outer tip on the left side. You cannot see really see these imperfections when the exhaust is installed (I didn’t notice it until it was removed from the car). Updated pictures after a rinse with soap and water.

Install was simple for my local shop. They do have to cut a peice off the stock exhuast for install, but it was no big deal for the shop to re-install the stock system.

Info from the Fabspeed website:

The exhaust sells for $1,785 new. Selling for $800 + Shipping. Able to meet in the NY Capital Region (or NYC/Westchester/Long Island depending on my availability).