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Front Brake Pads Not Flush with Rotor, NEED BRAKE EXPERTS ADVICE

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Hi Folks,

I just had my 2015 Macan S serviced for a CPO warranty issue related to a blown front door woofer. As per normal process, they did a full inspection of the vehicle. I had my front and rear brakes serviced at an indy shop three months ago with a full rotor/pad replacement. The indy shop is reputable in town, and they always use OEM parts. Now for the brake issue....

The dealer technician commented that the front brake pads appeared to be "too big", and the front brake pad was partially overhanging on the rotor. The brake pads do not appear to have 100% of the surface area touching the rotor disc. The pictures will do most of the explaining, but I would like some expert opinion about if my brake pads were installed incorrectly? The indy shop confirmed they used 100% OEM parts for the job, but it does appear the brake pad is not flush to the rotor disc. I have not had any issues with braking in the 3 months since, but the dealership recommended they replace the front brake pads ($770 quoted) to avoid any long term damage or issues. Fire away with suggestions or opinions!


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Having any independent replace rotors and pads is a crap shoot. Guess you figured that out on your own already. From the view, I can't really tell how much of the 'meat' is hitting the rotor surface itself. If I were to guess, they may have installed a slightly smaller rotor than original. It could as you suggest be the pads being too big. Not knowing your financial situation, if you have the coin, get the dealership install all new hardware. Also, have them throw in a brake flush while they're in there.
I would have the dealership document their observations and recommendations on your service invoice, and then return to the independent shop and give them a chance to investigate and rectify anything that is found to be amiss (if anything). Could be incorrect pads, or incorrect rotors (assuming they were replaced), or perhaps an issue with the installation. Hopefully some Macan S owners familiar with the front brakes can offer their opinion. Best of luck getting it sorted.
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